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Codename: CRISPR-Cas9 - To the New Frontier of Genetics (52')

Ai major genetic engineering revolution has begun: thanks to CRIPS-CAS-9, a recently discovered molecule, editing ADN will soon be as easy as pressing a button. It is not yet possible to order a "programmed" human embryo but the fact that it might be possible one day is equally promising and frightening.
Our film will handle this essential shift in genetic engineering, in both its scientific and ethical dimensions.


Dynamic Salt (52')

Our film got the Student Jury Award at Pariscience 2016!

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Donkey Tales (52’)
The film tells us the surprisingly unreleased story of a humble, discreet and little known animal even though it is very close to humans: the domestic donkey.
An amazing enquiry leads us all over the planet, with Jacky Davézé , an erudite that has a reputation as a talented ‘donkey whisperer’.
And we will finally discover the fabulous ancestor of all domestic donkeys, the African wild ass, still living freely in the Danakil desert (Eritrea).

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Alain Gheerbrant (52’)
Publisher, explorator, ethnologist, filmmaker, novelist, musicologist, AG disappeared in 2013 at the age of 92. He remained faithful all his life to his intuitions, to his desire; always rebel to any kind of belief system. A film that will lead you to a free man.

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Of Salt and Men (4 x 52’)
Telling the story of salt is highlighting the relations between the human beings, between Men
and Nature. Not only we tackle the story and the development of Sciences and Technology but also the economic, social and political evolution of men in their struggles, their successes
and their sufferings.
In this documentary series (3 or 4 x 52’), the aim is to tell the story of salt first and foremost
in its relation with our species.
This will give us the opportunity to come across the most sublime landscapes of our planet, to discover those men and women harvesting salt with ancestral or modern techniques and to build the story of the planet through the story of salt.
1. Salt, sea and sun. The main story of this first film will take place in France and Benin and will highlight the connection between natural requirements and production techniques.
2. For a handful of salt. The main story of this second film will take place in India and will allow us to talk about the salt as an instrument of constraint and political resistance.
3. Dynamic Salt. What if salt was indeed a fuel for our engines? Is this idea still a dream or an actual possibility? It is the question that this film will explore with all those who a searching in Norway, in Netherlands, in the USA, for the source of inexhaustible energy.
4. Salt in social affairs.
The main story of this fourth film will question the social and economic stakes of the business of salt in Nigeria.


Earth Architecture
Nearly three billion people on six continents live or work in buildings made of earth, which represents one half of the population worldwide. While the vast legacy of traditional and vernacular earthen construction has been widely discussed, little attention has been paid
to the contemporary tradition of earth architecture. The author Ronald Rael, founder of Eartharchitecture.org, provides a history of building with earth in the modern era, focusing particularly on projects constructed in the last few decades that use rammed earth, mud brick, compressed earth, cob, and several other interesting techniques.

Welcome in Anthropocene (52’)
Human beings have become the main geological force on Earth.
Officially and for the past 10 000 years, we’ve been living in « holocene », a warm period with
a stable temperature. But for the last 200 years, mankind has so profoundly modified the earth that some scientists consider that we’re now living in a new geological era they propose to call
« anthropocene », the human era.
Now, would this be a pure scientist whim? An expert quarrel? Absolutely not, for the acceptance of a new geological era would represent a key moment in the history of science, a symbol that would dramatically change the relation between the human beings and the planet they inhabit. We may be on the eve of a behavioural revolution among Homo Sapiens.

This 52 mn film will follow the debates, sometimes the quarrels of those who think that we are already living in « anthropocene ».


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