/ altomedia is a television and multimedia production company

/ altomedia is an independent television and multimedia production company in France. Created in 1987, / altomedia works in several communication fields:

- Scientific and cultural documentary films for television,
- Multimedia interactive programs,
- Museology: design and production of films and multimedia programs for museums and temporary exhibitions
- Corporate films

/ altomedia began by conceiving and producing innovative and interactive scientific film collections for the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie.

The company later developed by designing exhibitions, like the International Exhibition of Lisbon in 1998 and more recently has been in charge of the production of the audiovisual and interactive programs for the quai Branly Museum in Paris. Since 1990,
/ altomedia has produced numerous cultural and scientific documentaries for television.


Gabriel Turkieh, Producer and Managing Director of Altomedia

After science studies - M.A of physics and biochemistry - he specialised in filming for televisions, museums and exhibitions.

Founder and director of / altomedia since 1987, he took part in the conception team who created the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie (1981-1986) and managed many projects of multimedia films.
Gabriel Turkieh is a museologist, specialized in new informations and communications techniques applied to exhibitions. He is a scriptwriter and a producer of documentary films for television.


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