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György Sebök, music as a mother tongue Director: Etienne Blanchon

György Sebök was a great teacher. One of those who liked suggesting a path and let time do the rest. You had to listen attentively when he started to analyse your touch because his words were essential and would impact your interpretation…


János Starker, a music lesson Director: Etienne Blanchon

Underneath the apparent aloofness of the Hungarian cellist János Starker, lies a profound
sensitivity to music and a warm generosity. His elegance springs from his deep sense of rigour and asceticism.


György Sebök, a music lesson Director: Etienne Blanchon

György Sebök is a fascinating character, complex and secretive. His erudition, his fondness of humanity and the depth of his feeling for music make him quite exceptional. Filmed during his annual masterclass in the tiny village of Ernen in the Swiss Alps, this film reveals some of the multiple facets of his personality.


Alzheimer’s, living until the very end Director: Laurence Serfaty

Carpe Diem is the story of the staff and residents of medical establishments hosting patients with Alzheimer's. Carpe Diem is the name of such a unit in Quebec.


Vauban, the soldier who shaped france Director: Pierre Oscar Lévy

In light of the tercentary of the death of Sebastien Le Prestre de Vauban, Louis the Fourteenth’s favorite architect and of the addition of twelve of his works to the UNESCO’s world heritage list, /altomedia presents a documentary portraying this military engineer.


Shape of the Invisible 1 & 2 Director: Pierre Oscar Lévy, Gabriel Turkieh and Jean-Michel Sanchez

One of the most surprising and ambitious scientific films ever made, co-produced with the Museum of Science & Industry in Paris.


Our brain, marketers’ favorite target, seems threatened with a decoding always more effective. Because the market studies do not guarantee the success of a product, marketers now turn to neurosciences.


Climate in crisis Director: Olivier Julien

A documentary revealing the possible consequences of global warming on our future lives through the simulations of “Earth Simulator”.


Pixelroom Director: Jérôme Scemla

More than 30 years after their birth, video games are still provoking fears, flames and blames; just like any new art form or new medium over the ages.


Life in Weightlessness Director: Etienne Blanchon

Every year the European Space Agency organises a series of flights in order to carry out experiments in weightless conditions.


Lucie of all times Director: Julie Perron

Following a chance encounter in an elevator in Paris, a very special relationship blossoms between two women.


Healing images Director: Yves Turquier

Video games and special effects in films have launched the concept of Virtual Reality on an unsuspecting world, as a way of providing a vicarious experience of danger.


For a basket of truffles Director: Sylvestre Meinzer

The precious and mysterious truffle has become the symbol of French haute cuisine, conquering the best restaurants in the world. The Périgord - a region in the South West of France – developed in the 19th and 20th centuries thanks to trade in the “black diamond”.


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