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Louvre Museum(2013-2014)
Design and production of short films for the pre figurative exhibition "Birth of a museum".
Broadcasting at Abu Dhabi in 2013 and at Le Louvre of Paris in 2014
Management assistance and consulting
for all the audiovisual contents of the museum of Le Louvre Abu Dhabi

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quai Branly Museum (2010-2011)
Design and production for the quai Branly Museum
Series of films for
« Lapita », « Baba Bling », « Dans le blanc des yeux »,
« Orient des Femmes », « Dogon », « Outre-Mer » and « Maya » exhibitions.

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Conservatory for Music and Dance of Merignac (2010)
Altomedia was chosen along with the team of the architect Christian Menu to create the Conservatory of Merignac which will take place in Arlac « Square House » and its gardens.

Ernest Cognacq Museum, Saint-Martin-de-Ré, Ré Island

Design and production of the exhibition « Vauban, the Sun King Engineer » ( 2007)

Ernest Cognacq Museum, Saint-Martin-de-Ré, Ré Island

Design and production of the exhibition « Itinerary of an utopia » (2006)

Museum of Arts and Trades (Paris)
"Mechanics in the days of the automatons" : Design, production and integration of 12 films on interactive terminals and 60 electronic boards designed for the « Musée des Arts et Métiers, avant-première » exhibition
at the Palais de la Découverte

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Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie
« Shapes of the Invisible, making of »:
8 mn documentary on the secrets of the series

« Rhythmic Widgets »: Series of 13 films directed by Patricia Bodet, on interactive terminals with touch screens - Jury Special Mention in the Palaiseau International Scientific Festival

« Videolexicon » Collection: Design and production of 100 films of 1-2 mn on 12 interactive terminals with touch screens. - Jury Special Prize and 2nd Price for the Best Interactive Program in the 1987 Biarritz Festival

National Museum of Natural History (Paris)
« Evolution » directed by Patricia Bodet : a 2 mn documentary
« Sketch of an inhabited Planet » from Patricia Bodet : a 15mn film on evolution and biodiversity for the Great Gallery of Evolution presented on a double screen
Francophony Prize in the International Festival of of Museography (1994) Gold Medal - Leonardo Prize of the Fondazione Medikinale International in Parma

Museum of the Arts of Cognac
« Harvests » directed by Jean-Denis Robert : Design and production of a multimedia program presented on a 180° screen

The French Post Office Museum
« The Sound Book » : Philatelic Collection presented on interactive terminals

« The Polyglot Stamp » :
Design and production of an interactive program about a great collector’s donation

« Letters of Love » directed by Henri Louis Poirier: a 19 min film about lovers’ writings

First International Stamp Fair in the Floral Park of Vincennes
Exhibition curator in charge of 11 multimedia programs all through the exhibition (8000 m2)

Cultural Centre of Noumea
Design of the multimedia approach and equipment of the cultural centre of Noumea

International Exhibition of Lisbon 1998
Design and production of all the films and multimedia of the Portuguese Pavilion:
« Pavilion of the futur » APOM First Prize (Portuguese Association of Museology)

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