/ Dr Tatiana’s, Sex Advice to all Creation

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"Dr Tatiana ‘s, Sex Advice to all Creation" invents a new form of documentary:
the musical scientific film. This documentary is the French version of a Channel 4 (UK) TV show directed by Martin Durkin and adapted from the book “Dr Tatiana ‘s, Sex Advice to all Creation - The Definitive Guide to the Evolutionary Biology of Sex” written by the biologist Olivia Judson.

/ Cast:
Dr Tatiana: Olivia Judson
The Frog: Clémence Boué

/ Credits:
Director: Jean-Denis Robert
Image: Pierre Benzrihem
Editing: Patricia Bardin
Music & lyrics: Emmanuel Hussenot

/ Duration: 85'’

/ Format: 16/9 - Stereo

/ Year of production: 2006

/ Color: color

/ Original language: French

/ Broadcast:  

France 5

/ Festivals:

/ Financing & Coproduction:

/ Distribution:

/ Available versions:



Available on DVD

/ Year: 2008

/ Duration: 143 mn

/ Available versions: English

/ Format DVD: PAL, Zone 2

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