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Video games and special effects in films have launched the concept of Virtual Reality on an unsuspecting world, as a way of providing a vicarious experience of danger. But the potential application of VR in the treatment of phobias and other psychological disorders has remained little known. This film will show how VR is being used not to trigger an adrenalin rush for those in search of thrills, but to help those for whom daily life holds considerably more thrills than they want.

/ Credits:
Direction: Yves Turquier
Image: Micha Hädener, Emmanuel Caula Sound: Jean-Paul Guirado

/ Duration: 53’12’

/ Format: 16/9 - Stereo

/ Year of production: 2004

/ Color: color

/ Original languages: English, French, Italian

/ Broadcast:  Arte France

/ Festivals:

/ Financing & Coproduction:

/ Distribution:
Arte France

/ Available versions:

English, French, International


Available on DVD

/ Year: 2004

/ Duration: 53’12

/ Language: French

/ Subtitles: English, French

/ Format: PAL, All zones, 16/9

/ Public rate
23,00 € VAT (shipping fees not included)

/ Institutional rate
48,00 € VAT (shipping fees not included)


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