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More than 30 years after their birth, video games are still provoking fears, flames
and blames; just like any new art form or new medium over the ages…They raise such issues as language, violence, sex, addiction, gender/racial stereotypes, social behaviour and they question reality itself.
Before long these fears might be transferred to new developments in virtual reality entertainment, along with the success of online players communities: "immersion" and "augmented reality".
The prototypes are startling: games that blur the boundaries between the imaginary and the real are developing. Soon, the player will be able to walk down his own street with the headset on and see a nice extraterrestrial or a heavily-armed terrorist suddenly emerging from the corner shop…
Your grand-kid will probably love it. Will you?

/ Credits:
Direction: Jérôme Scemla
Image: Jean-Jacques Mrejen
Sound: Yves Capus
Production Design: David Largeaud
Wardrobes: Florence Vax
Sound Designer: Jean Mallet
Documentalist: Pauline Kerleroux

/ Duration: 52’

/ Format: 16/9 - Stereo

/ Year of production: 2004

/ Color: color

/ Original language: French, English

/ Broadcast:  

Arte France

/ Festivals:

/ Financing & Coproduction:

/ Distribution:
Arte France

/ Available versions:

French, International


Available on DVD

/ Year: 2010

/ Duration: 52'

/ Language: French

/ Format:PAL, All zones, 16/9

/ Subtitles:English, French

/ Public rate
23,00 € VAT (shipping fees not included)

/ Institutional rate
49,10 € VAT (shipping fees not included)


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