/ Shape of the Invisible 1 & 2

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One of the most surprising and ambitious scientific films ever made, co-produced with the Museum of Science & Industry in Paris. Shapes of the Invisible allows the viewer to discover, for the first time in a seamless camera zoom, the microscopic structure of the surface of familiar objects and creatures, revealing unexpected and beautiful landscapes which we look at from afar in daily life yet which remain invisible to all but the most powerful electronic microscopes.
The first set of three-minute films concerns raw or processed materials (steel, aluminium, concrete, wood, ceramic, brass, clay, carbon fiber, plastic, a hair and
a tooth) and the second flora and fauna (a leaf, crab, human skin, butterfly, flower, fish, flea, eye, corn, fly, mushroom).

/ Credits:
Direction: Pierre Oscar Lévy,
Gabriel Turkieh and Jean-Michel Sanchez
Texts: Hervé Ratel, Gabriel Turkieh
and Emilie Rodière
Executive Producer: Etienne Blanchon
Scientific advisor: Hervé This
Studio crew: Christophe Prédignac,
Gilles Sévastos
Digital Animation and Editing: Jean-Michel Sanchez, François Rivière, Christian Père Sound Editing: Bertrant Sart,
Jean-Christophe Thomas
Sound Effects: Patrick Egreteau
Sound Mixer: Jean-Guy Véran

/ Duration: 22 x 3’

/ Format: 4/3 - Stereo

/ Year of production: 1997 and 1999

/ Color: color

/ Original language: French

/ Broadcasts: Cité des Sciences
et de l’industrie, scientific magazine
« Archimède » (97/98/99/2000)

/ Festivals:Pixel-INA Award - sciences category, Imagina 2000. Pixel-INA Simulation/Visualisation Award, Imagina 1998 Best European Creation Award, Imagina 1998. F.A.U.S.T. 98 Gold Trophy(Audiovisual category), Toulouse. First Prize “Simulation”, SYNTHESIS 98, Belgium. Science Award (Computer Graphics Section) of MMCA, JAPAN, 1998. - Special mention of the Jean Rouch Award, 1999

/ Financing & Coproduction:

Ex-Nihilo, Aune Productions

/ Distribution:
Idéale Audience International

/ Available versions:

French, English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic


Available on DVD

DVD info

/ Year: 2004

/ Duration: 72 mn

/ Available versions: French, English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic

/ Subtitles:French, English

/ Format: DVD PAL, All zones
compatible 4/3

/ Sound:stereo

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